Albion Technologies Leases New Factory and Commences Fit-Out Endeavor

Albion Technologies, an emerging battery energy storage company, begins fit-out of a newly leased factory dedicated to manufacturing battery energy storage systems. The new facility marks a significant milestone for the company, allowing for increased production capacity, technological advancements, and the creation of multiple new jobs.

Scheduled to be fully operational by July 2023, the factory’s fitout is nearing completion. The facility will house an efficient assembly line specifically designed for the production of battery energy storage systems. The expansion allows Albion Technologies to meet the increasing demand for sustainable energy solutions while ensuring the highest level of quality and reliability in its products.

The opening of the new factory is not only a testament to Albion’s commitment to driving the energy transition but also an opportunity to create local employment opportunities. With a goal set by our esteemed investors, Britbots, to generate more jobs in the Bristol area, Albion aims to contribute to the local economy and foster the growth of the city as it continues its journey to net zero.

“We are thrilled to announce the start of our new factory refurbishment” said Robert Bucher, Albion Technologies CEO. “This expansion is a significant milestone in the Albion Journey as we continue to grow and dedicate ourselves to the evolving needs of the energy storage industry.”

As Albion Technologies prepare to move into the new facility the company remains committed to delivering cutting-edge energy storage systems that contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

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