At Albion Technologies, we’re not just in the business of providing battery module solutions; we’re pioneers in shaping the future of energy storage technology. With a commitment to innovation and sustainability at our core, we specialize in delivering cutting-edge battery solutions that power industries and communities alike. What sets us apart is our integration of intelligent AI technology into our Battery Management Systems (BMS), ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Our team of dedicated experts works tirelessly to engineer solutions that not only meet but exceed the evolving needs of our clients. Whether it’s enhancing energy resilience, reducing carbon footprint, or enabling grid stability, we’re dedicated to driving positive change through our advanced battery solutions. Welcome to the forefront of energy innovation. 

MeetThe Team


Robert Bucher

Robert founded Albion Technologies in November 2019, driving innovation in battery energy storage. Robert leads Albion in developing sustainable energy solutions, emphasizing innovation and environmental responsibility.

Alena Kelnot

Managing Director
Alena took the helm at Albion in November 2019, steering the company's strategic direction. Bringing expertise in people management, Alena guides the team towards innovative and sustainable solutions.

Bama Perumal

Chief Technology Officer
Bama is the Chief Technology Officer at Albion, playing a pivotal role since joining. Bama has been contributing significantly to the technological development of the system.

Shaun Golding

General Manager
Shaun, is the General Manager at Albion, overseeing day-to-day operations with efficiency. With a keen eye for operational excellence, Shaun ensures seamless functioning, contributing to the overall success of Albion

Lee Warbey

Financial Director
Lee serves as the Financial Director at Albion, steering the financial strategy and ensuring fiscal responsibility. With a sharp financial acumen, Lee plays a crucial role in keep our finances in check.
Peter-Hudson-600x600 (1)

Peter Hudson

Production Manager
Pete oversees factory operations at Albion. Pete ensures the efficient manufacturing of our cutting-edge energy storage systems, playing a key role in meeting production targets and maintaining quality standards.

Patrick Middelburg

Project Design Engineer
Patrick is the Project Design Engineer at Albion, leading the design and engineering aspects of our innovative energy storage projects.

Lewis Wheatcroft

Lewis runs the day-to-day sales and marketing efforts for the company.

Our History

UK installments of BESS
Moved in to new production facility and initial pilot complete
Established collaborative Smart Battery Program
Developed microfactory and registered Albion Technologies Engineering Centre
Established power projects with Opium Power and Solos Energy
Designed BESS system for UK National Grid applications
Developed first non-toxic battery and complete recyclable battery
Registered NEWCO Ion Battery in the United Kingdom
NEWCO Battery acquires manufacturing for sales and production in the Czech Republic
Energy Infrastructure Development and Recovery from Typhoon Hayan (Philippines)
Sustainable Energy Corp (Calgary AB)
Built first Formula EV Race Car in Silicon Valley (Kleenspeed)

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